David McNew was the first and only staff news photographer for Getty Images in the American Southwest for ten years (2000-2010). His work has appeared in most major news publications in North America, across the internet and around the world.

David grew up as a professional musician and an outdoorsman with a passion for wild places that eventually led to the habit of spending days, weeks and even months at a time in wild places and the close presence of wildlife, especially the rare endangered Peninsular desert bighorns of southern California, documenting their lives on camera.

Later explorations in Central and South America strengthened his empathy and compassion for peoples of other cultures and fueled his desire to record this ever-changing world as a photojournalist.

His career as a photojournalist began in the mid-1980s in San Diego, California, first as a freelance photographer for United Press International (UPI) then as a full-time stringer-photographer for the Los Angeles Times. After relocating to Orange County, California in 1995, he shot regularly for Reuters, the Chicago Tribune and numerous publications and agencies throughout North America.

By 1999, he was a contributing photographer for Newsmakers, the internet news picture service that became the online model for Getty Images News Service. In 2000, he was hired as a staff photographer for Newsmakers, Liaison and Online USA in Los Angeles, California which would soon be renamed Getty Images.

David is based in Pasadena, California, 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles, at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, well-located for assignments throughout southern California’s metropolitan areas as well as the inland deserts of California.